JULY: Birthdays, Moving Out & Job Interviews

It’s safe to say that July has been a pretty busy month. Last week, I celebrated my birthday and am now the grand old age of 22! *sings in Taylor Swift’s voice* I didn’t want to do anything in particular on the day so we went to see Dunkirk which I was completely down with as I love…… Continue reading JULY: Birthdays, Moving Out & Job Interviews

Feeling Down & Regression to the Mean

For no particular reason I can fathom, I’ve been feeling pretty down this week. It’s also just that little bit too hot at nighttime again in the UK and the recurring motion of waking up at 2am with the covers clinging to my sweaty body is beginning to get on my nerves. The solution for…… Continue reading Feeling Down & Regression to the Mean

Sh*t, I Got a FIRST!

As of 5pm yesterday, I am now the owner of a first class Creative Writing and English Language degree! *yippee!* The best bit is that this was an absolute surprise and completely unintentional. I remember a meeting I had with my personal tutor last October at the start of the academic year when she’d kindly…… Continue reading Sh*t, I Got a FIRST!